Arte Construction

About Us


We follow the RIBA Plan of Work to develop our clients’ design concepts and prepare technical design documentation for planning, building control and execution of the works.


Utilising our in-house expertise and specialist supply chain partners, we manage the full facade remediation project lifecycle from inception to completion. We work hand-in-glove with our clients, fire engineers, building regulation principal designer and key supply chain partners to:


• Understand the existing structure and materials, Fire Risk Assessment and mitigation measures.


• Plan and manage the works considering the operational and surrounding environment.


Taking a holistic and collaborative approach allows us to effectively plan the works, select the most appropriate materials, and promote building efficiency whilst ensuring compliance.


Early engagement with our supply chain is key to ensuring that they:


• Are fully on board with the project journey.


• Have a full understanding of the project risks, our quality requirements, our culture and the behaviours that we expect.


We have established a team of robust specialist recladding supply chain partners who have worked with us on previous projects. They understand our processes and can mobilise on site efficiently and safely. They are experienced in delivering all types of recladding projects and understand the requirements/criteria for funding, building control and are familiar with the requirements of PAS8672.


Our recladding supply chain partners are continuously audited and, prior to appointment, will need to meet our strict set of approval criteria which measures capability, resource, financial stability; Credit checks, insurances, previous performance using KPIs, health and safety assessments. We ensure that the necessary accreditations are in place to start projects without delay.


Across the business, we have extensive experience of stakeholder engagement and delivering works in live operational environments. We understand the varying operational demands of various clients and will consider access, egress, programming/phasing to minimise disruption whilst delivering remedial/recladding works.


Our approach will be to plan our works in line with local building regulations and work closely with customers to keep disturbance to a minimum. Our dedicated Resident Liaison Officers will ensure timely and planned communication with occupants so that their expectations are fully managed and that they are fully informed of works and unavoidable disruptions.


Health and safety is the cornerstone of our business activities from design and construction to building and operation. To demonstrate our commitment, we are advanced members of the SSIP CHAS accreditation scheme. This confirms that our business’s health and safety processes meet excellent standards.


Our quality management processes provide a framework for compliance, consistency and is fully integrated with BSR processes quality inspections at key hold points. This ensures that our works are in accordance with the design, specification, testing requirements, and that the “Golden Thread” ethos is embedded into our QA principles.