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Dalston Junction, East London

Dalston Junction, East London

Client: Barratt East London

Contract start date


Project type: Cladding Replacement

Contract value: £11 million

Project Description:
A replacement of cladding on 14 of the residential blocks that sit above the Dalston main line station. The tallest is an 18-story residential block. A mix of timber, rain screen with K15 insulation and timber balcony elements are being replaced with compliant materials.


Works completed on this project included the removal of timber fin cladded elevations and replacement with terracotta cladding, replacement of existing rain screen cladding with new insulation, fire breaks and A2 rated cladding. We also installed fire breaks to the existing GRC cladding, utilising steel insertions. The team also replaced the decking to all open and winter garden balconies with new aluminium decking. Additionally, soffit and cladding replacements were made to the winter gardens.